Friday, February 21, 2014

Hamlet Act III

Act III is really good. In fact, we skimmed over it a bit too fast, and I think we're going to have to have an episode about the monologues at some point. The monologues are so important, and have so much content, they certainly justify it.

For more info about how the audience sat on chairs on the stage in Shakespeare's time (and other details about the audience and the stage):

Choice Conversations interviewed us:

I asked the director of Hamlet: The Series for a more detailed description of the project, and here it is:

"Hamlet: The Series is an adaptation of the play into a six-episode web series in the original language, but with modern dress and an abstract modern setting.

-Episodes are divided so that each takes place over about a one-day period, so that the audience can feel how each scene connects to the next. The amount of time between episodes however is left uncertain, as in the play itself.

-The early and late episodes follow the Quarto act breaks, but the middle ones do not, because the breaks didn't match up to where I felt the days began & ended.

-Several roles have been switched male-to-female, both to give it a more modern feel and to point out how some of the themes still play in the modern world.
The main website is There's also a Hamlet: The Series group on Facebook that people can "Like". It will be available free on Youtube, for rental or digital purchase on Amazon Instant Video, and for DVD-purchase on Amazon.  Episodes 1 - 3 should be available by about the time your Podcast goes live, the last three sometime in the Spring of this year."