Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Podcast Is Recorded

We recorded the first episode of the podcast, and I hope to have it up tomorrow. You could vote for the first special subject we cover on the left, if you wanted to.


  1. Hey BardCast-
    I just listened to this first episode and now i have subscribed! Just wanted to let you know that my friends and i started our own production of Midsummer at our high school for fun and - that's right - we actually set it in Athens. Can't wait to hear more episodes, which are being downloaded to my computer now. Cheers-

  2. Thanks a lot for your kind comment. I find it hard to believe that you set it at the right time, though: I believe there's some sort of law that says you can't.

    If you guys wanted some publicity, we'd be happy to give you a shout-out on the show...

  3. Mhm...well I'm in the process of uploading some pictures now; I'll send them to you as soon as possible.

    Thanks! We're doing Twelfth Night next...on Twelfth Night.

  4. Alright here are some photos from our production, complete with Athenian garments!