Sunday, November 7, 2010

Season 2 Premiere

So we're into Season 2.

Our next episode is about As You Like It.

Our Intro/Outro music is available Here.


  1. I like your podcast a lot. How can I make a contribution (money)?

  2. Err... I don't have a mechanism for that right now. I'd have to figure out how to do that.

  3. All the very best with the second season. May it be as good as the first. Not sure about the music though. I like this better (, but it's up to you.

  4. Glad to hear you guys again. As regards the Sonnets: I've never been interested in reading them, but a show giving the historical background and maybe reading your favorite bits sounds interesting and would either help correct my ignorance or give me actual reasons not to like them. Good either way!

  5. love the podcasts, but not keen on the new musical intro. you guys are so much fun and I think if you have music it should reflect that.

  6. Nice show. Thanks for making it. I just discovered it yesterday while searching for Shakespeare podcasts other than the also entertaining and informative one done by the American Shakespeare Center.

    I live relatively near the ASC, by the way, and see some plays there two or three times a year. Last week I saw Henry IV part II. Believe it or not, they made the "Ode to Sack" passage sort of work by having Falstaff do his speech right before intermission and from the real cart they use to sell drinks and snacks up on the stage, in effect turning the speech into a kind of advertisement.

    Good timing with the As You Like It show, which is something I'll be seeing at the ASC in a few months.

    Thanks again for the podcasts.

  7. You guys are awesome, I really like the podcasts. Keep up the great work

  8. I was not really interested in Shakespeare until a month ago when I took my wife to Stratford Upon Avan. Whilst there I visited his birthplace (and saw a copy of the First Folio they have on display), his grave and The Royal Shakespeare Theatre. After this I was so inspired I bought a copy of the complete works and the Bill Bryson book from the giftshop, since then I have got through a few plays and found that listening to your podcast first helps me get so much more out of them.

    Many thanks and keep it up.

  9. Hey Guys!
    I just discovered your podcast, and it's great! Today I walked across San Francisco listening to the episodes on Henry IV (parts 1 and 2). Your banter is great, as is the information. It's like sitting with a couple of really smart friends having a beer talking about Shakespeare.
    By the way, I like the summaries done scene by scene rather than broken down by character. If that matters.
    Also, if you do movies, MacBeth is a whole subsection: Scotland PA, Men of Respect, Throne of Blood. I also loved the Ian McKellen Richard III.
    And where can I send that check?