Thursday, March 8, 2012

Julius Caesar

Sorry about the extreme delay, both Jeff and I are working and going to school now, so we don't have as much time for podcasting and editing as we'd like. Also, I was sick for about a month and a half.

The episode is available Here.

Hark! A Vagrant has fantastic comics about Julius Caesar Here and Here.

A review of The Shakespeare Wars is available Here.


  1. I haven't listened yet, but I did squeal with delight when I saw that there was a new podcast. I'll be listening on the commute to work tonight.

    I'm glad you are no longer sick, too.

  2. Unless I'm being really stupid, there's no actual link to the podcast. I had to go to and search for Julius Caesar to find it.

    Great to have you back though, and covering a play very appropriate for this time of year.

  3. I enjoyed the show, but I do think you don't give Brutus nearly enough credit. Start with the assumption that he is in fact a truly noble person, who always acts from a sense of honor. He is not for that reason boring or stupid; he simply has a high moral standard. What makes the play a tragedy, then, is precisely that this virtue can not sustain a coup in the ruthless Rome that Julius Caesar had created. Keep up the good work.

  4. Gah! I'm going through Podcast withdrawal! Urk.

    Caesar comics were funny though... withdrawal... abating...

  5. Guys: I want to thank you for your podcast, which I stumbled upon and which I am now listening to with great enjoyment. I appreciate it. Ben

  6. We are very close to recording Cymbeline.

  7. Tear Him For His Bad VersesApril 12, 2012 at 9:20 AM

    Thought you guys might be interested to know the BBC are doing a special Shakespeare season. Most of exciting of all, they are doing a special QI episode, as part of the I series, titled, "The Immortal Bard", apparently scheduled to air on BBC2 on the 27th of April. Some of it might be difficult for non UK viewers/listeners to get hold of, but some of the radio stuff will probably be downloadable on the BBC podcast page, and episodes of QI usually find their way onto youtube.

    Also when are you going to finish Hamlet? I know it's long, but it's not THAT long. It's long for a play, but shorter than a novel or something like that. It'd be a good one to do soon after Julius Caesar, as it was written so soon after, hence Polonius's line "I did enact Julius Caesar: I was killed i' the Capitol; Brutus killed me."

    One last interesting little youtube video from the Globe Theatre about the pronunciation of English in Shakespeare's time.

  8. More episodes, more, more, more. I love them!

    1. Stumbled on this recently, great discussions. Makes more sense having seen the plays. really enjoying the podcast.

  9. Heard your podcast about Ben Jonson. Any plans to do an episode about Christopher Marlowe? Obviously here for the Shakespeare but enjoy getting a fuller picture by hearing about his contemporaries too. Really enjoying the show. Thanks so much!

  10. Alastair Morley JaquesMay 11, 2012 at 11:35 AM

    Thanks, guys, for this one. Julius Caesar is, far and away, my favorite Shakespeare. I'm currently doing my damnedest to mount a production of it as soon as I am through with The Tempest.

  11. Alastair Morley JaquesMay 11, 2012 at 11:42 AM

    On another note, I too did not much care for The Shakespeare Wars. For a good recent piece of Shakespearean ephemera, might I recommend The Shakespeare Riots: Revenge, Drama, and Death in Nineteenth-Century America by Nigel Cliff.

  12. Adding to Tear Him's message about the BBC Shakespeare season, we get Tom Hiddleston aka Loki from the Avengers as Prince Hal and John Hurt plays the Chorus in Henry V by God.