Saturday, January 30, 2010

Henry IV, Part II

We kind of rag on Falstaff in this one, but the next episode is exclusively about him, so I hope he doesn't mind too much.

PS. (The new host we were trying seems to be broken. I'm working on a solution now.)
PPS. (I've re-hosted it. I hope it works this time!)


  1. There doesn't appear to be a link to the episode

  2. The title of the blog post is almost always a link to the episode, and I've now inserted a link on the post proper as well.

  3. I agree that Falstaff and other scenes are overdone in this play and it could do with some editing. However maybe in the Bard's time the audiences might of really liked slapstick comedy. I enjoyed your commentary.
    Peter (Australia)

    Look forward to a commentary on Coriolanus one day?